Original works

Cor Mariae Immaculatum II


Año: 2020

Technique: Oil

Support: Photographic paper

Dimensions (cm): 32 x 30



Religious Painting of the Immaculate Heart: explosion of love

This colorful painting represents the Immaculate Heart of Mary, full of charity for all men, for her son Jesus and for God the Father. Her heart is surrounded by white roses, symbol of her virginal purity, pierced by the sword that reflects all the sufferings that she was going to suffer and in turn representing the prophecy that was given to her in the temple during the presentation of Jesus Christ. The way the background rays have been painted, in pastel shades of pinks and purples, makes the Heart expand in the support like an explosion of love by means of an optical illusion of movement, almost a hypnotic induction due to the brush strokes.

Technical details

  • Oil painting.
  • Photographic paper (see care instructions).
  • 32 x 30 centimeters | Square format.
  • Sacred Art | Expressionism.
Original: 100% hand painted
  • By buying a painting directly through the artist, you will get a unique, and therefore unique, piece of sacred art in time.
  • You will receive the work neatly packed and stretched on the frame, ready to hang and bless your house.
  • Vibrant colors in all its details.
  • Texture, brushstrokes and oil reliefs visible.
Inspirational pieces
  • Ideal for special, unique, exclusive gifts.
  • Sacred and spiritual decoration for the family home.
  • Call to prayer, meditation or inner dialogue with our Heavenly Father God.
Care instructions
  • For the correct conservation of the original works made on paper, it is convenient to frame it with glass and the essential use of mat. In this way you will avoid direct contact between the paint and the glass.

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